Early Bird Ticket Campaign Ends – 1990 Set Wins

Dear Alumni,

On behalf of the National EXCO and FGCE Grand Reunion Planning Committee, we thank you all for participating so enthusiastically in the Early Bird Ticket campaign which just ended with a record 382 Tickets SOLD!!

Thank you for all the zeal and support you have shown in this first phase. We are deeply grateful to everyone who has marked present.

Class of 1990 Wins The Early Bird Ticket ContestEarly Bird Tickets Contest Winners:

  • #SetWars:     Class of 1990 with 69 tickets
  • #HouseWars:    Unity House with 82 tickets.

Congratulations, Class of 1990 for winning the coveted “Early Bird Penthouse”


Rollover April Promo 

We have given due consideration to all the feedback from our esteemed Alumni and would now like to introduce the next Ticket campaign. For a very limited time only, we are unveiling the ROLLOVER APRIL ticket campaign.

There are some new offers contained which benefit our younger millennial Sets and those making Group purchases. Please don’t come alone, invite your friends and school mates who haven’t done so to buy their tickets. The list of who’s coming is available on the website. https://fgceosa.org/reunion-2018-attendees/

New Website Is Now Live

Our new website is up as promised at www.fgceosa.org. Please visit the reunion pages and stay in touch with the progress we are making towards a wonderful event in August.

Finally, just a reminder to check the details we have for you on your ticket from Eventbrite. If you wish to change any of the details you can do this easily by creating an account with your registered email address on Eventbrite and making those changes yourself. Alternatively, you can send these and any other queries to events@fgceosa.org

Thank you all!

God bless and a Happy Easter

Uju Obuekwe
Ag. National President

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