Dear Alumni,

Two years ago at the Global Reunion in USA, the baton was passed to Nigeria to hold this year’s FGCE ALUMNI GLOBAL REUNION. The “GLOBAL” reunion is different from class and regional reunions because it is one that brings together ALL alumni and has so far been the place to aggregate all the great efforts being done at all levels.

Over the past 4 years this global movement has:

  • Provided a wonderful network opportunity to connect not just with the alumni you shared the same space with at the same time, but connect generations of FGCE Alumni with each other
  •  Enabled an aggregation of efforts at giving back that has improved our ability to avoid duplication, get priorities right and provide excellent governance structures that have been applied at all levels and produced more successful projects and impact on our alma mater.
  • Increased alumni engagement with the school’s management and current students that are paying off tremendously.
  •  And so much more

It is in this spirit we are preparing to go #BackToOurRoots from the 9 to 12 August this year – right back to where it all started for all of us. During these 4 energy filled days, we will engage with each other, make new friends, meet old ones, expand our current networks, relive old times, dance EBO and most importantly, GIVE BACK to our school.

The organizing team has been designed to be the most inclusive and transparent ever and, in that spirit, I share with you the names and contact details of all the alumni who have committed their time, effort and personal resources to make this the best reunion of all.

As you can see, a lot of people are working tirelessly to make this reunion successful. We need you to mark yourself present as early as possible to enable us plan and prepare to deliver on the program: The challenge of hosting 500 to 700 alumni in Enugu is one that this group of volunteers have committed to meeting and surpassing. With your support we are determined to deliver a #BackToOurRoots reunion that will not only live on in our memories but in the impact on the school and future generations.

So, our call to action to you today are:

  1. Mark yourself present immediately by visiting the event page, and following instructions there. 
    • Payments can be made online or by bank transfer
    • Please, register after paying for your ticket
  2. Share this and get your classmates and friends to be get their too!! Reunions are much more fun when your classmates and friends are there!!
  3. Follow our social media handles:
  4. Please use out official hashtags and help this reunion go viral!!
    • #BackToOurRoots
    • #Osetigo!
    • #nigeria2018
    • #enugu2018
    • #fgcereunion2018

Together, in August this year, we will go #BackToOurRoots.

Uju Obuekwe
Acting President, FGCE Alumni National Association