FGCE Student Leadership program & Leadership Program for Teachers

Soon after the Houston-2017 reunion, and motivated by the success of the structural projects we embarked on; we thought about how we could replicate this ingenuity to benefit the students academically. The plan was to develop an initiative/program with the sole aim of executing projects that get to the core of improving the students’intellectual prowess.

An alumni committee was formed and a couple pilot projects we set in motion (mentorship through the USCIS application process, eternally grateful to the team). Proud to say that those projects yielded the positive results we had hoped for. Lessons were learnt, feedbacks collated …. but most importantly we could envision the positive impact of the initiative on the students.


We are indeed grateful to Ndidi Nwuneli and LEAP Africa for this rare opportunity and Myriam Ene who stepped up, took on this task. This became; The FGCE Student Leadership program.

The Student Leadership Club was birthed at the school to facilitate this. The club will comprise high achieving students from SS1, SS2 and SS3

As we ploughed through the pilot projects, the program grew in scope. To ensure its effective organization and management, parts of the program was sectioned in 3 major pillars:

  • Leadership Summit & Mentorship
  • Teacher Enhancement
  • College Prep and Exam Tutelage
Still in its infancy and yet to be fully  implemented (in its entirety); LEAP Africa was recognised as a major vehicle that will be instrumental in successfully realizing the goals/objectives of this trailblazing initiative.
Currently LEAP is scaling up its programme to schools in Nigeria through an updated iLEAD curriculum. The curriculum has been specially designed to equip the youth with leadership and entrepreneurial skills, getting them ready for the road ahead post-graduation.

Within the program, teachers have not been left behind. It recognizes that teachers are the driving force behind any change geared at improving the lives of the students. As a result, and in addition, the curriculum is tailored towards empowering the teachers with this goal in mind.

We have been working in collaboration with LEAP to bring this programme to our Alma Mater. A select team of teachers have embarked on the iLEAD training; 1st part completed in Abuja with the 2nd part to be conducted at the school.

We are optimistic the collaboration will be a life changing experience for both the students and teachers. And must add that we’re glad for the opportunity to be part of shaping the future leaders of our beloved country.

In as much as we’ve achieved a lot within the program, we are still in the ’structural design & setup’ phase …… conducting a quality review of the processes involved, dotting our Is and crossing our Ts

Renovation of the SS2 Classroom block

In keeping with decision reached in Houston, Texas by Global Alumni during the 2016 Reunion, the Global PIC lagged off the Renovation of the SS2 Classroom block.

This project, in addition to Water Systems Improvement and Provision of Interior Solar Lighting in prep rooms, makes up the palette of infrastructure projects slated by the Global PIC last year.

The renovation of this SS2 Block lasted for four weeks. Handover ceremony was performed on the 9th of January 2018.