Executive Committee

The Executive Committee and staff in the National Secretariat of the Association under it carry out the day-to-day management functions of the Association.

Current & Past Executive Committee Members

Who Can Be ExCo?


  • A member of the Association shall be qualified to hold a National Office if:
  1. He/She is sponsored for the particular National Office by his/her Alumni Chapter/Branch or Class Set of the Association.
  2. His/her Alumni branch or Class Set must have met all financial and other obligations due to the Association.
  3. He/She must be financially up-to-date
  4. He/She has participated actively in FGCEOSA activities. Provided that:
    1. Aspirants to the offices of Financial Secretary, and Internal Auditor shall be practicing accountants or persons with financial and/or accounting qualifications.
    2. Aspirants to the office of Legal Adviser shall be legal Practitioners of at least ten (10) years post call.
    3. Geo-political zone of the individual, location of his/her alma mater and gender equity shall, as much as practicable, be considered in electing the National Officers to ensure that the membership always reflects National spread and is representative of the Association’s diverse membership.
  • Disqualification from holding a National Office
    • A National Officer of the Association shall not qualify for re-election to the same office after serving two consecutive terms of two years each, but he/she shall be qualified for re-election after at least one intervening term of two years.
    • A National Officer shall cease to hold office if the members in plenary pass a vote of no confidence on him/her by two-thirds majority of members present and voting.
    • A National Officer who is indicted for any offence bothering on fraud or gross misconduct, likely to bring the image of the Association into disrepute or ridicule shall be expelled from the Association by a simple majority votes of members of the Association.

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