FGCEOSA AGM 2021 Highlights

The AGM was held virtually on Zoom to take stock of the progress our alumni association has made over the last 2 years, review its stewardship and choose a new leadership. This usually happens two years following prior elections (typically on January 19 being FGCE’s Founder’s Day) but COVID related challenges did not let that happen.

Highlights of the FGCEOSA AGM 2021

President’s Address & Presentation

At the meeting the President gave his address and highlighted EXCO’s activities and all the projects completed and ongoing in the school. The associations 2020 financial year’s management account was also presented.

Adoption of the constitution

The meeting adopted the Constitution which will be referred as FGCEOSA Constitution 2021.

Appointment of a new electoral committee

Electoral Committee members were nominated and elected by the members present with the mandate to conduct the elections into the National offices as well as the Board of Trustees within 90 days from the date of the meeting. The members are:

  1. Simon Iberosi (81 set)
  2. Paddy Anigbo (85 set)
  3. Ifeanyi Anikwe (98 set)
  4. Uche Anene Nzelu (2001 set)
  5. Chioma Owoh (2012 set)

Guidelines for the elections will be shared on the website of FGCEOSA and other social media platforms.

The tenure of the present executive was extended until the election of the new National officers and the reason for doing so was attributed to Covid and its effects on the society.

Appointment of patrons

In line with the constitution, appointment of Patrons of the association was discussed and it was agreed that a 2-week window should be given for nominations. Nominations will be done via a form on the FGCEOSA website after which EXCO will screen, approach and appoint successful willing candidates.

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